Martín Granados García

Martin Granados Garcia portrait

I live in Mexico City and work at Etsy as a Software Engineer, previously I was part of Oyster and Wizeline. I studied Computer Science at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Puebla). I love to test out ideas, create webpages and communities. Currently Learning iOS! (2 apps in TestFlight so far)

My email is margrangr [at] gmail. I'm mgranados on GitHub and @martingranadosg on Twitter, ping me there to start a chat!

A few years ago I started Hacker Talk with some good friends, there I've had the chance to talk with some amazing LATAM devs and startup founders.

Other than that I love to play soccer, yoga, meditation and read (I have a digital bookshelf so we can chat if you see anything in common!) and write (check out some of my essays).



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